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Hello there? My name is Julius Thie and this is my site. I am a romance and thriller author who loves the sound of a good story. I welcome you to my site. Before I tell you much about my books and what I love doing, allow me to tell you a little history of me and where I have come from. I was born in a dry month of February in the year 1996 as a son of a great woman and a great man. I was born the last of seven brothers and the second last of fourteen siblings. It was fun growing up as there were a lot that we could do being too many in one family. When I became of going-to-school age, my parents took me to a nearby primary school. Oh and I forgot to mention that I was born in the hilly and green areas of Central Kenya at a place called Kangema. If you ask around Kenya, they will tell you that Kangema is the home of all the business inventions in Nairobi. So I could say I was a little proud to know that I was from such a famous hometown.

When I went to school, I studied hard, extra hard and everything went well. Just as I was about to join first grade, with my parents struggling to cater for our needs and anticipating the troubles they would have with all of us in school, it was quite a relief when the president announced free primary education. With that, I was able to study all the way to eighth grade with little problems. These problems included lack of proper school uniform, as it was very difficult to get a new one when the old one got torn (and they got torn frequently); we never wore shoes, but that was a minor problem and sometimes lack of something to eat for lunch. When I got an admission letter to a nearby high school, everyone including myself knew for a fact that I wouldn’t join a secondary school. School fees was too high to even be raised by my whole family- even the distant relatives- for a whole year. I just used my time to look after my parent’s coffee farm whose annual income was only enough to buy the family two nice meals. It was then that my former headmaster summoned me and introduced me to a program we called The Wings To Fly by Equity Bank. 

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I was so excited and I knew I would win the scholarship that the program offered. And I did win.

I joined high school and did my best and later joined a university that is right on the lakeside of the great Lake Victoria. And now here I am.

When in high school, I used to read novels and I was always mesmerized at the awesome creativity the authors portrayed. Many were the days when I wished I could just be like them and to make that come true, I found myself writing, anything on my literature notebook. I composed poems and felt they they were not good enough. I wrote short stories and loved it. But then, I got motivation from my classmates. One of my classmates actually could write horror stories and I felt that he was amazing. I wanted to be like him, or much more. Another one, this one was my desk-mate wrote fantastic poems and forced me into writing my first work which I called ‘Oh not a third meeting?’ This book took much of my time and it talked about my love life, so I ditched it. It never felt so thrilling. I wrote another book and before I even gave it a title, it disappeared. Sometimes I am forced to think that my younger sister used it to light a fire. After that, I forgot completely about writing and I focused on my studies.

But I always felt I wasn’t whole. Even when I joined university, I felt I hadn’t achieved enough. I had only made my parents proud, but what about myself? Was I really proud to have gotten that far? Well, I could say I was. But something within me felt that it wasn’t really being put to good use. That is when I decided to put up a small story which took me ages to finish. I was being lazy, or you would say I was not really sure that this was what I wanted. But when I published it, I felt so good at that achievement that I forgot all about the hardships, the way I struggled in coming up with the story, how I tried to do some little research and failed, and so forth. Everything just felt good and by that moment, I felt I could write another book. And then that one felt even better and I wanted to write another. Now below is the list of my books in order of how I wrote them.


A long time’s Love Realization


The Kendrey Island part 1

The Kendrey Island part 2

The Kendrey Island part 3


The Tragic Reunion



Stone Under Fire

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